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Knowing that railway revenue is directly dependent on reliable traction power, and building on its early experience with HFPC, Riker developed the first portable precision multi-kA injector for London Underground more than 20 years ago. Since then, Riker has provided equipment and test services to railways and industry throughout the UK.

Riker not only builds current injectors, Riker understands the need for thorough testing of protection switchgear. Riker builds tough equipment to deliver accurate data in tough conditions.

All About Riker

A Pioneering UK manufacturer of Precision Multi-kA Current Injectors; est. 1989

Rugged Reliable HFPC Systems for Laboratories, Factories and On-Site Installations

Heavy Duty Applications in Critical Tests & Processes

On-Site & Laboratory Testing Services; Traceable to International Standards

Comprehensive Testing and Detailed Statistical Analysis